Soon the shovel will be dug into the ground for a completely new residential area at Englekor in Halden, Norway.

– We are very much looking forward to starting construction, says project manager Jørn Røsting. SHARE The company North Assets AS owns Englekor Utvikling AS, which will develop the area in question close to Lille Edet and Remmen University College.

Detached houses and terraced houses

– The project has been regulated for many years. We took over the project in the summer of 2020 and are now looking forward to getting started. There are plans to build 140 units at Englekor. We have already sold 15 detached plots to another company, says Røsting to Halden Arbeiderblad. – We at Englekor Utvikling AS are responsible for the rest. We will build terraced houses where the apartments will significantly have two sizes, 90 and 118 square meters. There will also eventually be apartments for rent in the middle of the field.

Local contractor

And, it is not long until the work will start on site. The forest has already been cut down. In the first stage, 30 terraced house apartments of various sizes will be built, followed by approximately 48 rental homes. In addition, during the winter, there will be 15 detached houses on the field from a cooperating contractor. – In a year’s time, I think they’ll be up. People have probably not moved into all these homes then, but the house bodies are probably in place then. Work on the road and construction will start in February. Leif Grimsrud AS is the main contractor for roads, water and sewage, ie all infrastructure. Then it is ABC-hus that delivers the houses for us. So there are two serious and confident players involved in the project.

Develop the area quickly

Jørn Røsting - Project Manager

Jørn Røsting states that the first terraced houses to go on sale will be less than three million kroner. – They are then 88 square meters. They have three bedrooms and can accommodate a small family or two or three students. The next step is terraced houses of 118 square meters and they will be at 3.8 million kroner in the beginning. These are low square meter prices and can be an entrance ticket for many in the housing market, he says. The project manager is also aware that it is planned to develop this residential area as soon as possible. – So this can quickly become an established and pleasant area to live in. I consider that important. Everyone knows what it is like to live on a construction site, he says. – Space is also set aside here for playgrounds and green areas. I even went for a walk there this fall on a beautiful day. I think it’s fantastic that you can only go for a little forest walk straight from the field. Jørn Røsting points out that they are working exactly according to plan and will start sales as early as 29 February.

Article in HA 24.01.21

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